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There are many people out there who are doing Facebook Ads and that’s awesome! Facebook targeting is so robust, you’re able to do just more than target users based on basic demographic information, like their gender, age, or where they live. You can also target users based on their job description, their interests, and so much more!

With that being said, here are three Pro-tips for Facebook advertising that you can incorporate into your campaign.

  1. Custom Audiences – Exclusion List
    • When running a lead generation campaign, be sure to add all your generated leads into your exclusion list. Many people tend to forget to exclude them, and if you’re spending $1000+ a day on ads, you’re definitely wasting money by advertising to someone who has already given you their lead information.
  2. Lead Quality
    • If you’re running a campaign and notice that you’re getting a lot of international leads, check to see if you’ve selected “People who live in the area,” when selecting your geographic filters. Facebook automatically opts everyone in an area when you select a geographic filter. Meaning, that if you are a local business only targeting a specific zip code/city, anyone who is visiting that area will be delivered your ads. And if you’re specifically looking for individuals who live in that area, because a visitor wouldn’t purchase from you, i.e you’re an accountant, then you definitely want to use this pro-tip. Often times advertisers forget about this option with all the options available.
  3. Conversion Optimization
    • If you’re looking to get higher conversions, and you’ve only been using landing pages, give Facebook Lead Forms a try. I have a client who was primarily using only a landing page to convert users, and once we moved them over to Facebook Lead Forms, we were converting 4x as many users as we did with the landing page. But first know, you must have a privacy policy on your website, before you can run Facebook Lead Forms in your campaign. You can easily make one here.

Hopefully one or all these tips will be useful for you. If this all seems too complicated and tedious, let Tigon Marketing manage your Facebook ads account effectively.

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