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Have you taken advantage of the robust targeting features of Facebook?

Everyday, people are uploading so much information onto their Facebook account by simply interacting with their network, which makes advertising in Facebook a great opportunity.

If you have not delved into Facebook ads, there are many features that can help you target the exact customer you are looking for.

Whether it’s to advertise directly to past customers, to up-sell or re-sell to them, creating a lookalike audience based on the intelligent data Facebook has collected on your current user base, or even to find a new customer who may have specific interests in your products or industry, Facebook advertising can get you more leads at a lower cost than Google Adwords.

Though, simply creating an ad doesn’t do the trick. You need to track it. This is where you need to install a Facebook Pixel, so that you know when someone arrived to your site through your Facebook ad, and even if they submitted a lead form through your landing page. Facebook’s tracking features are much more robust!

Imagine you’re marketing for a law firm and you have several areas of practice. Why re-market to people who have been just to your site, when you can advertise directly to users who were looking specifically at Real Estate Law, and you are using a remarketing campaign that generally targets anyone who visited your website. First of all, unless your brand is established in your city, then there needs to be an educational aspect to the advertisement. So they know who you are and what you do. Instead, you can use Facebook’s robust features to specifically advertise to the people who have searched uniquely for that area of practice on your site. This is how you can eliminate waste marketing, enhance the advertising experience to be particular to your individual audience, and save money while generating more leads.

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