More and more people are using sites like Yelp, Google Maps, TripAdvisor, Facebook and several other listings site to learn about your business. If your business listing isn’t correct, it can be terribly frustrating for your clients and your search rankings.

With Listings Management, you can ensure that your NAP information will be consistent across the internet. If you’re wondering what NAP is, it’s essentially your business name, address, phone number, and the URL of your website.

This information matters!

When you have a website, it tells Google you have a business and when your business is on listings with correct information, it tells Google you’re in business.

The goal here is to have your information consistent, accurate and available across the internet. Fixing inaccurate data, merging duplicate listings and creating new listings is a critical part of local search optimization. Manually updating each site to find, update or add a listing yourself is very time consuming, repetitive and does not guarantee that the changes will occur.

Publishers who have your information online get their data from third parties, therefore there is a 100% certainty that your information will change over time without your knowledge. In fact, a local business study show that even if you corrected all your Listing information today, you would see 61 changes on average over the next 12 months.

Listings management protects your most valuable asset – your physical location*. Consider the idea that a lot of local businesses spend money on salespeople, media and other forms of promotion, all in the hopes that your business name gets heard by your target audience. Well after you spend money trying to get your name out there don’t you want to be found accurately when that target customer goes back online to find you? It’s like Media Insurance.

*not recommended for online businesses