Leverage Your Current Website

On-Page SEO Strategies

Edit Your Content

Use your existing website to drive more customers to your website!

You don’t always need a new website, sometimes all your site needs is a little make over. Tigon Marketing Can analyze your current keyword strategy and optimize your page for keywords that will drive more relevant traffic to your website.

Google’s crawlers are searching for a number of things on your website, and if the way you’ve marked up the content isn’t correct, you’re losing out on a lot of relevant traffic. For example, if I were to click on your website would I know from reading the first line what the content is about?

If your website isn’t able to clearly communicate to the end-user whether the content they’ve arrived at is relevant, than they are more likely to bounce out of your page and directly hurt ability to drive leads onto your website.

In addition to being able to communicate your message to the appropriate market, you also need to ensure you are practicing good internal linking. Helping your user in their navigation of your website. If you have not optimized your site for internal link building, than you are missing out.

Tigon Marketing will review your content, identify opportunity pathways to help increase the chances of your traffic converting.