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How To Target Homeowners in Google Ads

Google Ads is always integrating new data into their platform. Making it easier for advertisers to leverage their tools in powerful ways. Google Ads now allows users the ability to create audiences. These audiences, based on Google’s Algorithm, can be used to target users based on a number of things. Such as:

  • Parental Status
  • Marital Status
  • Education
  • Homeownership Status
  • Various In-Market Audiences
  • People who have visited your website (Re-marketing)

Google’s Homeownership Status Audience Selection

From here, you’ll be able to target two types of status’. One for homeowners and another for renters. Based on market research, you can figure out how to utilize each data point to specify the client you want your ads delivered to.

Utilizing Google Ads for Realtors

Realtors can find create ads specific for first-time home buyers. You can do this by creating a landing page that specifically targets first-time home buyers, and creating text ads that will be consistent with that messaging. In order to target the right audience, you can filter your ads to target audiences who are searching to fill those criteria. For example, we can determine that renters, who are married, between the ages of 30-45 are more likely to be in a position to purchase their first home in San Diego, California. By utilizing different demographic and interest based selections, we can directly have your ads displayed to your ideal client

Google Ads for Mortgage Brokers

The same can be true for mortgage brokers. However, based on products the broker is selling, they can target different users. Such as, homeowners in their 40s-50s who are looking to tap into their properties through a second home mortgage. Since this is the goal of your campaign, you can have the landing page and the ad speak specifically to that specific purpose. For example, it can targets parents who are looking to help pay for their children’s college tuition (So add Parental Status in the audience). Another example would be of homeowners looking to remodel their home. This is how you get more motivated leads, when the ad feels like it was made for them.

If you’re in the real estate industry and you’re looking to spend your dollars more effectively, give us an opportunity.

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