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Tigon Marketing is a San Diego based company, in California, owned by a Filipino American.

My name is Matthew and I was born in Philippines. I came to San Diego, California at a very young age. I excelled at Math and Science, but instead of going the traditional route of Medicine or Engineering, I wanted to venture into something different, something more genuine. I realized, I love to write, I love to create, and integrating both my creative brain and my analytical brain, I quickly changed majors from accounting to marketing in college.

Starting my career right after the great recession, I was filled with a lot of doubt. Was this the right career choice? Opportunities were sparse and seemed to go with those with more experience, but instead of letting the market dictate what type of work was available, I decided to create work for myself. So I reached out to companies, asking them if I could help manage their Facebook strategy and help them with marketing. I quickly learned, that direct marketing, public relations and email marketing were very powerful tools.

People were still apprehensive about making purchases online. We weren’t able to quantify social metrics, and it was still the wild west in digital marketing. I worked with many companies, many of which were afraid to participate in online advertising. But those fears quickly dissipated as real results and proven ROI was shown. After managing a multi-million dollar health care company, I entered the agency world and learned what companies were looking for. In a few years, I found myself working at four different agencies, and I noticed the disparity between marketing that comes from working in-house and what agencies do for companies.

I soon realized, a marketing agency is just a company that has a vision of how marketing should work. Some company’s believe that marketing lives and dies with their website, some believe it’s all about advertising, others believe it’s the brand you build. I believe that marketing is more than just one discipline, and that incorporating proven direct marketing and public relation strategies help enhance digital strategies in a very real and impactful way. So after growing many small businesses into multi-million dollar companies through marketing in-house, I decided I can duplicate what I’ve done for several companies, to many more who are looking to really grow their businesses and dominate their local markets.

If you are looking to build your brand, expand your digital marketing, and kill it in your local market, Tigon Marketing can help you!

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