Tigon Media has an interest in several businesses and will develop comprehensive marketing and branding plans that will help grow your company in exchange for equity and sales. Learn more on how you can have a team of digital strategist grow your idea into a business.

Tigon Media is the venture arm for Tigon Marketing.

When you choose Tigon Media as a business partner, you will have a team of experts manage your service/product’s marketing and branding. We will develop the website, develop the marketing and branding strategies, execute all campaigns and grow your business with proven marketing tactics.

But first, the product must undergo a product viability test. If the decision that the product/service is not a viable business, Tigon Media will not take on the business. However, if we see potential, and the product does pass our product viability test, than we would negotiate a contract in order to become business partners.

Furthermore, when partnering with Tigon Media, if an influx of cash is necessary, we will help coordinate with VCs.